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Pool Services Houston has been servicing
swimming pools for residents of the Houston,
Texas metropolitan area for many years. We
understand that when you are looking for someone
to work on your pool you are looking for a company
that provides both professionalism and knowledge,
a company that will show up on time and
consistently and we strive to provide these things.

While we specialize in providing our customers with
uninterrupted weekly swiming pool service and
maintenance in Houston, Texas, we also can
provide you with one-time services without setting
up a weekly maintenance program. Some of our
one time services that we offer are swimming pool
acid washes, chlorine baths, one time cleaning,
green to clean, pool tile cleaning, pool drains and
water treatment. We also can service your
equipment and provide you with pump repair,
filter cleaning, water chemistry, identification of
leaks and leaking, pool resurfacing, cool deck repair
and much more.
1(713) 758-0568
Did you know?
Your swimming pool water collects minerals over time, causing "Parts-per-million" to exceed recommend levels. When this
happens many things start to go wrong with your pool such as the inability to balance chemicals, buildup on pool tile, and water
that makes your skin itchy. To best deal with this problem we recommend a drain and fill every 2-3 years. Sound like your pool?
Call us to schedule one today!